Kestie Lane Studio

Kestie Lane Studio stands for a new era of artistic and creative design …

Kestie Lane Studio is a Melbourne based design practice led by Kestie Lane. Established in 2015, the Studio quickly established a reputation as an Australian design leader. 

Kestie Lane Studio creates projects that are thoughtful, confident and enduring. The practice takes pride in establishing a strong and honest relationship with the client to take them on an inclusive design journey. 

The practice also respects the collaboration process with the entire project team, which includes the builder, trades and contractors, local artist, crafts people and all consultants. These strong relationships are key to a successful outcome. 

With a talented design team, the studio has the capability to deliver hospitality, retail, workplace, residential and multi-residential projects. They are experienced with all stages of the design process from conceptual design, construction documentation and specification, site and project management through to furniture specification and procurement. 

Many of Kestie Lane Studio projects have been nominated and shortlisted for numerous local and international design awards and often featured in design publications both print and online media. 

Kestie Lane Studio stands for a new era of artistic and creative design by capturing the spirit of today’s lifestyle with a strong voice and expression of authenticity through tactile and highly crafted interiors.

Meet The Team

Introducing the friendly team behind your next interior design project.

Kestie Lane

Founder + Design Director

Even before she understood why, Kestie always appreciated the impact of her surroundings and the power they have to elicit an emotional response.

After cutting her teeth at some the country’s most renowned practices, Kestie went out on her own, establishing Kestie Lane Studios in 2015. Now, with over 20 years’ experience, Kestie is a master of her craft,from concept design to the meticulous execution of every detail.

Her intuitive, warm and personal approach is fundamental to Kestie’s practise which assists in facilitating close, long-lasting relationships with clients, collaborators and suppliers.

While Kestie has always had a gift for optimising the potential of any space and fulfilling a brief, she understands there is another layer to the final outcome. Through her close working relationship with clients, she’s able to challenge them to push the boundaries and uncover the true potential of a project, giving her the extra satisfaction of knowing her clients’ expectations have been well and truly surpassed.
Design is innate to Kestie and a fundamental part of her life, she is inspired by everything but nothing in particular, design permeates all facets of her life.

Georgia Campbell

Interior Designer

Georgia has always been intrigued by space and how we interact within it well before she began her design career. With this at her core, she is consistently working towards incorporating function with aesthetics to create beautiful environments.

Georgia graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) and was fortunate to step straight into the industry. Firstly, with design retail and supplier experience then moving to Kestie Lane Studio in 2021 where she now has the opportunity to further hone her practical design skills, explore her creative passion for design and become part of the design community.

Her role at Kestie Lane Studio is well-rounded, working across all projects and often jumping from creative design, material sourcing, architectural documentation to marketing and social media.

Working at Kestie Lane Studio has heightened her love for texture and materiality and appreciating the notion that great design ideas can often come from happy accidents.

Georgia is also obsessed with snacks and travel; she loves both and will never shy away from taking the road less travelled.

What We Do

Over the past 20 years, Kestie Lane Studio has undertaken a broad range of inspiring projects with an impressive portfolio covering hospitality, residential, multi-residential, retail and commercial sectors.

Open lines of communication are crucial in fostering successful relationships with clients and collaborators. An appreciation of clear, two-way dialogue plays an integral role in every project, from obtaining a comprehensive client brief, right through to project completion and delivery.

Kestie Lane Studio are committed to custom-crafted and bespoke design elements. Through collaboration with artisans and craftspeople, Kestie Lane Studio has the ability to elevate any concept into something truly magical and memorable.

Kestie Lane Studio uses sustainable options, whenever possible. They design intelligent, considered spaces that focus on longevity.

Interior Design

Kestie Lane Studio have the capability and expertise to work across all stages of a project.

Planning and analysis, creating the design philosophy and intent for each project.

The Concept Phase enables the client to obtain a thorough understanding of the project. The team will produce presentation design sketches and drawings, initial selections of finishes, fixture and fittings, lighting and furniture.

The Design Development phase consolidates the design ideas and focuses in on the final materials selections and design details. At this stage Kestie Lane Studio will also present to the client the custom joinery and bespoke design elements of the project and start to liaise with artisans and crafts people to ensure its viability.

Kestie Lane Studio will produce a high-level construction documentation package with all related schedules and specifications to issue to the builder, joiner, consultants and manufacturers.

Kestie Lane Studio oversee every project through to completion, to ensure the design intent and integrity are achieved and delivered.

Furniture Curation

Furniture curation is an extension of the interior design process. Great care is taken to ensure the seamless continuation of the design language whilst simultaneously optimising the functionality of any space.

Kestie Lane Studio has a comprehensive knowledge of local and international furniture designers and suppliers. The team will tailor a project to meet the individual client, with confident selections of furniture, artwork and accessories along with bespoke elements they design for the project.

Kestie Lane Studio ensures that every detail is considered, from the design of custom joinery and procurement of furniture to the decorative final touches.